The Ainscow 4* 90%

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The Ainscow Hotel is the proud result of a major restoration project. With a history dating back to 1878, The Brown Brothers Building has long been recognised as a local landmark – standing as it does on the very border between the twinned cities of Manchester and Salford.

Initially built as the Watson & Woodhead brewery, the building changed hands in 1927, becoming a jam factory for Mackie & Sons Fruit Preservers. In 1957 the building was occupied by Brown Brothers Auto Parts who would remain there until 1986. From then, this splendid testament to Northern industrialisation would lay barren – eventually falling into disrepair.

In restoring this famous landmark, we have sought to capture the character of the original building. We believe that it is simply too interesting to be allowed go to waste. As such, our guests will be able to enjoy some of the original features and architectural aesthetics that prove that ‘they don’t build them like that anymore’.

Having served as an industrial workplace for over a century, the Brown Brothers Building has played an important role in the working lives of tens of thousands of local people. In respect of this, we have worked with Salford City Council to recruit 75% of our staff from the local community in order to preserve this tradition.

Whilst proud of our heritage, the Ainscow Hotel has been designed to impress. Unashamedly in the thrall of contemporary British style, comfort and luxury, our hotel offers a stylish - yet informal - retreat for visitors to our two cities. Featuring all of the facilities, services and thoughtful touches you’d correctly expect, the Ainscow Hotel is prouder still to welcome you as a guest and bid you farewell as a new friend.